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PCMate Free Uninstall Manager

3 clicks to uninstall any programs to make computer run faster & more safely.


Is your computer fast enough? Want to free up disk space to maximize PC speed? Our free uninstall manager software displays an alphabetical list of all programs, games and tools that have added an uninstall entry to Windows registry. PCMate Free Uninstall Manager, full featured uninstaller utility, offers a more user-friendly way to remove unneeded applications and residual registry entries without fail to save valuable memory space while keeping your system clean and trouble-free.

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In addition, a program search engine allows you to input the names or part of the names of unnecessary programs to easily find them. This sure shot method of uninstalling any program will not only lead to increased computer speed but will also save precious disk space.

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Uninstall for faster computer
Program search engine
Remove registry entries
Uninstall for faster computer
Program search engine
Remove registry entries
Uninstall unwanted applications make computer faster and spare more harddisk space. Search the programs you want by entering part of the program names, sort and categorize them. Complete removal of programs including the remnant entries in registry.


  • Uninstall any program on your computer
  • Remove unneeded applications with NO residues
  • Clean program registry entries
  • Save harddisk space
  • Improve computer efficiency
  • Display list with detailed program info
  • Search engine to quickly locate certain programs
  • Uninstall programs within 3-step
  • 100% Free & safe
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Typical Applications

  • Uninstall any programs to save valuable memory space.
  • Remove unneeded applications to increase the speed and stability of your system.
  • Leave no invalid remnant to burden your system gradually with completely uninstall.
  • Avoid more lag, freeze up, program lock-ups, shut down and startup problems, and installation errors.
  • Keep your system clean and trouble-free.

System Requirements

  • PCMate Free Uninstall Manager has been designed to work with Windows XP/2003/Vista/2008/7/8/8.1/10;
  • Recommended Configuration: PentiumĀ® class CPU - 1.4 GHz or more; True color (16,8 M colors) Video Card - 1280x1024; 1GB MB RAM


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