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PCMate Free Shortcut Fixer

Delete the Invalid Shortcuts to Boost the Computer Performance

Most of us have had such an experience: when we want to remove some shortcuts, we get an error message "can not delete file" or "can not read them from the source file or disk". Thus our computer slows down, and even freezes sometimes. If you have met such a situation, it means that there exist some invalid shortcuts in your system and it's time to delete them.

The feature of shortcuts is to help us, but they also could bring some problems. When we visit some web sites, our computer download some links automatically from these web sites, but with time passing by, their link targets may be changed or no longer exist, so these shortcuts become invalid and can't be opened under normal working conditions. Day after day, the downloaded shortcuts will become more and more and the number of the invalid shortcuts will increase naturally.

If we allow the number of invalid shortcuts to increase and don't delete them completely, more and more resources and space will be occupied, it means that the computer will need a longer time to respond, computer global performance will be affected a lot and some serious error issues may occur, such as blue screen, system freezes and even crash, etc. It will affect your computer global performance and work efficiency and these are of course what we can't tolerate. Thus it is necessary to find a way to clean them completely.

For a computer beginner, cleaning invalid shortcuts from the system is not an easy task. Of course you can delete these invalid shortcuts by yourself if you are a computer veteran, but even if you are familiar with computers, it is difficult to delete them or it takes the system a long time to respond. The worst is that you may take the risks of computer crash, because when you do some changes on your computer, the registry is changed according to your changes, it means that if the changes are incorrect, problems may occur and the whole computer will be affected. All in all, if you are not an expert of computer, cleaning manually invalid shortcuts not only can't completely clean invalid shortcuts but also may harm our computer. In this case, we need an effective but safe method to achieve our goals, and the most sensible way for you is turn to a professional program, it will do this work safely for you to boost your computer global performance.

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PCMate Free Shortcut Fixer is a handy and reliable shortcut fixer designed to find, delete or fix broken shortcuts from for example uninstalled files and programs, or from moved programs. This free broken shortcut fixer performs an in-depth scan of the selected drives and lists all the shortcuts within, marked with red crosses for broken ones and green ticks for valid ones. Download and try this program for free now!

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