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PCMate Free File Encryptor

What is the Need of File Encryption Software?

The need of file encryption software has so much emphasized as the majority of financial transactions and personal information have been transferred on the internet. When people send sensitive information through the internet, it can be easily viewed by anyone who wants to see that information. Therefore, it is necessary to protect your data using file encryption software.

Because of the growth to a global or worldwide scale, these days a large amount of the monetary transactions and personal information have been channelized on the internet. Because of this reason, file encryption process turns out to be a compulsory part for efficient computer security system.

When we send our data, files and documents on the net, it first goes to our nearby local network. The people who are living in the same area are also using the same network. Then our data will go to the internet service provider (ISP) who in turn can see the data which we are sending on net. Then our data processes through different channels of the ISP of receivers and finally it received by the party where we desired to send it. Many people can see our data in this process.

You may be conceiving that your computer is protected by the router which is functioning at back end. Be sure that another device like laptop can easily be plugged in using the same home internet network and which can even infect your computer. Now you can gauge that why file encryption software is needed.

The use of internet services at hotels, coffee shops and many other places are not secure enough to use and because anyone who is using the same internet service can view your data while working at same location. Therefore we need file encryption software.

File encryption process need to password protect folders is somewhat comparable with national security issues. The reason behind this is the fact that if you do not secure your online data and do not take any step to protect the confidentiality of your data, it becomes easily accessible to others and it would definitely be a problem for you, your family or for that particular organization whose data has been compromised. This would ultimately cause difficulties in working competitively and dominantly in the global market.

File encryption software or file encryption process is necessitated for ensuring better security system. File encryption software makes your files and folders password protected so that you can control accessibility of your data.

Fundamentally there are two types of these security systems; one is hardware version and the other is software version. Both of these have some advantages and disadvantages respectively. You can choose one of them depending upon your requirements.

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PCMate Free File Encryptor is a security software product that helps lock your important files from prying eyes with secure cryptographic algorithms including cipher and hash. With this free file encryptor, it is easy to password protect your data like business documents, movies, music, photos, and other personal files against unauthorized reading, playing, watching, etc. Download and try this program for free now!

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