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PCMate Free Auto Shutdown
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PCMate Free Auto Shutdown

Shut Down Computers Automatically at Schedule Time and Save Electricity

PC auto shutdown software is handy for the Windows operating system that helps users shut down computers automatically at schedule time and save precious electricity.

A typical PC left on for 24 hours each day can use $70 or more of energy per year. If a computer is turned off at every night and weekends, it will only use around $20 of energy per year. Power outages have happened in the world, from United States to Europe, therefore power saving is important for every computer user.

PC auto shutdown software can shut down, hibernate, suspend, log off and reboot computers automatically at schedule time and save power. They are easy to use, just set up the timer you want to shut down, and they will work silently at background until the timer comes. If a user doesn't want to do shutdown events at specified time, it is easy to abort them.

These kinds of programs are the right choice for computers auto-shutdown and power conservation.

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PCMate Free Auto Shutdown is free PC shutdown software for automatic PC shutdown, saving energy, time and electricity bills. It meets many needs with flexible options for scheduling automatic shutdown, restart, standby and hibernate, running silently as a tray icon. And all of these actions can be directly performed with customizable keyboard shortcuts. Download and try this program for free now!

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